7A Geo/History (3rd)

March 25th

I hope everyone is doing well and is healthy.  We are in an unprecedented situation right now and everyone is trying to navigate this carefully.

I have been asked not post or assign work or assignments for my students.  However, I know some of them do have a passion for history and learning so I didn’t want to leave anyone high and dry who was looking to do some learning. 

If you want to keep learning some history, I will leave you with two links to check out.

The first is https://www.historicacanada.ca/heritageminutes  it is a great little website that has a bunch of one minute history pieces from New France, to British North America and Canada.  (I am sure you will recognize some names and themes from class.)

The second is http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/virtual-exhibits/type/virtual-exhibits/   Here you will find online exhibits from all sorts of the different museums, art galleries, The Toronto International Film Festival and Canadian Sports Hall of Fame to name just a few.  There really is something for everyone.

We may not have exactly have class and I might not have assigned work, but you can still learn lots about Canada`s history on your own.

If I see some other good stuff , I will be sure to post it here.

Take care, be well,

Mr. McGinnis


March 10th,

We finished off the set up of a seigneury today. Please find the fill in the blanks below.

Fill in the Blanks for "Set Up Seigneury"

We also looked at what happened during the different seasons on a seigneury.


March 9th


Today we looked at the responsibilities of the habitant in the seigneurial system as well as how a seigneury was set up. 


Below are the fill in the blank notes that we took today.

Responsibilities of the Habitant

-clear the land

-build a house

-harvest a crop

-pay tax to the seigneur

-help the seigneur with his house


-Life in the Seigneurial system was difficult.

-Habitant received little help, the weather was harsh especially in the winter and the land was difficult to clear with the tools the habitant had access to.


Layout of Seigneurial System

-the seigneury was divided into long narrow strips that ran perpendicular to the river.

- This way each habitant’s land had easy access to the river



March 3rd

Today we focused on a map showing who was in control of what area of North America in the late 1600's.  We also looked at the seigneurial system and began looking at the different roles that people had.

If students have missed some of the notes, or have lost their notes they can find them below.


Notes #2

Notes #3


March 2nd

Today we focused on the fur trade and the Coureurs de Bois. 

If students have missed some of the notes, or have lost their notes they can find them below.



Notes #2


Feb 24th

Today we spent sometime getting some notes down about Samuel de Champlain and the fur trade. Students are encouraged to spend a few minutes reviewing some of these key ideas before history class next Monday.


Feb 18th

We took some time to look at mercantilism and Jacques Cartier today.  Toward the end of class we also introduced Sameul de Champlain.  Mostly we have covered some key figures and key ideas.  On Monday we will take on Samuel de Champlain his goal in New France and the furtrade.  Students should come prepared to take some notes.


Feb 11th

We have been looking at who discovered North America's existence and when different people discovered this "New World".  We have looked at poeple crossing the Bering Sea, Vikings and European Explorers. 

We will keep look deeper into the idea of mercantilism before launching into New France on Tuesday Feb18th.


Feb 10th

We are finishing up out geography unit this week and we will be on to history. 

If you child has not completed his/her natural disasters project, he/she will be asked to do so at lunch this week.


Feb 3rd

Today we had our last class to work on our natural disasters assignment.  Students will either present their assignment on Monday or hand in their assignment on Monday, Feb 10th. 

Should students need extra time, they are welcome to stop by study hall at lunch anytime for assistance. 

Assignment, Planner and Rubric

List of Potential Events to Research

PowerPoint Example Used in Class


Jan 29th

Students will have one more day in class to finish off their Natural Disasters Assignment on Monday.  Students should be well on their way to finishing up this assignment given the amount of time given in class.  Should students need extra time, they are welcome to stop by study hall at lunch anytime for assistance. 


Jan 27th

Students had another day to work on their natural disaster assignment today.  Students will have another work period tomorrow to work on researching and building their PowerPoints (if they are presenting their material) and complete their paragraphs.

Assignment, Planner and Rubric

List of Potential Events to Research

PowerPoint Example Used in Class


Jan 20th

Students worked on their natural disaster assignment today.  At this point, studetns have had 2 full work period in class.  

If students are completing a presentation, they should have an opening slide for their PowerPoint, a map to show where the disaster happened and answered the question what caused or what factors caused this disaster to occur?

If students are writing their answers in paragraph form, students need to have discussed what caused the disaster or what factors caused this disaster to occur?

Assignment, Planner and Rubric

List of Potential Events to Research

PowerPoint Example Used in Class


Jan 14th

We spent a great deal of time gathering the basic information for our natural disasters assignments.  Many students have completed the "organizer" portion today. On Monday students will have a chance to continue their research and begin answering the assignment questions in paragraphs or they should look to begin building a PowerPoint for their presentation.

If you are not familiar with the assignment, please have a look at the links below.

Assignment, Planner and Rubric

List of Potential Events to Research

PowerPoint Example Used in Class



Jan 13th

*Our rivers assignment was returned today please ask your child to show you how he/she did.

We went over our natural disasaters assignment expectations today and the ways that this assignment can be completed.  I demonstrated what a good presentation would look like.  We went over ways that I could improve in the future (including my PowerPoint, the way I spoke and my content).

At this point, students should have a natural disaster event selected and start filling in the basic information provided on the second page in the link below.  Tomorrow we will spend the period gathering information.

Assignment, Planner and Rubric

List of Potential Events to Research

PowerPoint Example Used in Class


Jan 7th

Today we looked what caused the Australian wild fires and why they are so intense this year.  We also looked a how the people of Australia and impacted by the this natural disaster.  Students were given the outline, organizer and rubric for a small natural disaster project.  Students are encouraged to think of a natural disaster even that they could research for next week.


Jan 6th,

We reviewed natural disasters today.  Tomorrow we will look the wildfire in Australia and the ramifications it is having.


Dec 17th

Many students have handed in their rivers assignment.  It would be great if all students can finish off this little assignment before Christmas break. Should students need some help finishing this off, I will be available at lunch each day to help.

Dec 16th   

Our river assignment is due tomorrow at the end of the class.  Students will have the period to finish off what they have not completed.  Those who need extra time will be asked to complete it during study hall.

Dec 10th

Students began completing their rivers assignments today.  We have looked at some demonstrations of rivers, diagrams of rivers, watched videos about rivers, read about rivers and taken notes on rivers. Please find some of the material below. Students will have Monday and Tuesday next week to complete their assignment.












Rivers Videos

Delta  mouth of a river?



When and why a river bends?



What is an estuary?



Types of Drainage Patterns




Dec 3rd

Today we looked at couple of videos and did a short demostration about river deltas and how meanders are formed in rivers.  We  will watch two quick videos next class before beginning a rivers assignment.


Dec 2nd

We looked at the water cycle and looked at some parts of a river.  We will keep looking at rivers tomorrow.


Nov 26th

Most students have finished their climate graphs.  If students have not completed their climate graphs they should complete them for class on Monday.  Students with climate graphs that are not completed forMonday will complete them in study hall.

Climate Graph Rubric

Nov 25th

Students were working on making a climate graph.  Each student has a climate graph that needs to be completed and it will be assessed with the rubric provided.  We will hopefully have all of these finished for Tuesday at the end of the period.


Nov 19th

We completed our practice climate graphs today.  (If your child has not completed their practice climate graph, they are asked to do so by Monday next week.)  We will compare different climate graphs on Monday.

Should your child need assistance in completing the climate graph, they are encouraged to see me at lunch time.



Nov 18th

We looked at climate graphs today.  We made one as a class and students are now practicing making a climate graph on their own.


Nov 11th

We looked at how mountains influence percipiation.  We also began building a climate graph today.

Nov 5th

Students estimated the precipiation in different cities in Canada.  We then looked the actual totals and began to look at why some cities recieve so much rain while others do not.

Nov 4th

We looked what influences climates today.  Students are encouraged to review this tonight.  Tomorrow we will look at precipitation in different cities in Canada.


OCt 29th

Students today finished off a quick note on some different climate regions.  We also looked at some pictures of different areas and tried to classify which climate they are using our climate notes.  (A quick review of the six different climates we looked at would be helpful before class on Monday.)


Oct 28th,

Students postcard assignments were due today.  There are a few students who still need to finish up some work on their assignments.  Please check in your student to ensure that it has been handed in.  Next in class we are looking at some different climates.

Oct 22nd.

Students worked today turning rough copies of their assignment into good copies.  We do no have another geography period before this assignment is due.  This is now homework.

***Due date for the assignment is Monday, October 28th at the start of class.  (Extra help/time is available at lunch.)

 Assignment Link


October 21st.

Students worked today turning rough copies of their assignment into good copies.  Students will have tomorrow's period as well to work on their good copies. 

***Due date for the assignment is Monday, October 28th at the start of class.  (Extra help/time is available at lunch.)

 Assignment Link


Oct 8th

Students worked on completing their draft copies of their landform postcards.  Students will have one more class on Tuesday, October 15th, to complete rough copies for each part.  All students will need to arrive to class on Monday, October  21st ready to complete their good copies.  Assignment Link


Oct 7th

We worked on our assignment today.  All students have selected a landform to work with and should be working on their draft copies of all three parts.  Please see link below for assignment details.


Oct 1st.

We looked at our Postcard Landform Assignment in class today. Students had a few minutes to get started.  Many students have picked out a landform and begun working on a draft copy of a drawing.

Here is a link for the assignment, rubric and examples.  Assignment Link


Sept 30th.

Students worked today to identify key features of different landforms.  Tomorrow we will do some tectonic plate demonstrations and look at our first assignment.


Sept 24th.

* Spirit wear tomorrow (uniform bottoms and a spiritwear ND non-McCarthy's shirt for $1) 

We finished up the last of the landforms today.  We also looked at why someone might want to visit one of these regions as we prepare for our upcoming assignment.  In preperation for our assignment, students could think of which of the landforms they would most like to visit.



Sept 23rd.

We reviewed the previous landforms from previous classes.  We also looked at the Appalachian Mountains and the Hudson Bay Lowlands. Students should look over their notes for a few minutes before tomorrow’s class.

Sept 17th.

We have looked at four different landform areas of Canada so far.  On Monday, we looked at the western cordillera and the interior plains.  Today we looked at the Canadian shield and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence lowlands.  Students are strongly encouraged to review this material for a few minutes over the coming days.


Sept 16th.

Today we started looking at Canada as a nation of regions.  We looked at the western cordillera and the interior plains.  Students should review these notes tonight in preperation for class tomorrow.

Sept 10th.

We reviewed the provinces today and filled in a basic map of the world with continents oceans, Prime Meridian and Equator. We also quickly looked at the International Date Line and why its shape is so different that its counterpart the Prime Meridian.

Here are the links to the maps we have used.

Map of Provinces

World Map


Sept 9th.

Students filled in a map of Canada.  We looked at provinces and capitals today. Students have been asked to review the provinces and their capitals.


Sept 4th,


Gym class tomorrow.  Please bring an appriopriate change of clothes.