8A Geo/History (5th)

Nov 12th

The focus today was on different types of industries (primary, secondary and tertiary industries).  This unit will be wrapping up soon. Students are encouraged to begin reviewing economies and trade agreement notes.


Nov 11th

Today we took an indepth look at what it is like to live in North Korea.  We looked why living there would be so different from living in Canada.


Nov 4th.

We looked at tariffs and duties today.  We also looked at the World Trade Organization and the European Union.  Tomorrow we will look at NAFTA / USMCA and APEC.  Students are encouraged to review their notes prior to Wednesday's class.


Oct 28th.

To start off today students reviewed a market economy.  A quick note was taken on a mixed economy and we discussed how a government regulates industries.  Student's are encouraged to review their notes on economies prior to Wednesday's class.

Oct 23rd.

We reviewed the command and traditional economy.  We also went over the good things and the bad things that could occur with a market economy.  On Monday, we will look at a mixed economy.


Oct 20th

We looked at both traditional economies and command economies today.  On Wednesday, we will take on the market economies and the mixed economy.  Students are encouraged to review their notes before next class.


Oct 16th

Our test went home today.  Please ask your child how they did.  If you could sign it, and have your child show it to me it would be great. 


Oct 9th

We completed our quiz today.  I will mark it and return it students as soon as I can.  Due to Thanksgiving, we will not have another geography class until Wednesday next week.  Anyone who did not complete the quiz can do so on Friday during literacy/numeracy class.


Oct 7th

We reviewed in class again for our quiz on Wednesday.  Here are some extra review questions that students helped make up to prepare for the quiz. Extra questions for review

Copy of notes

Copy of notes 2

copy of notes 3

copy of notes 4

Human Development Index Note


Oct 4th.

Here is the beginnings of our review for Wednesday's quiz.  Included are a few questions and some key concepts that students asked to review.      Review


Oct 2nd

We have scheduled our first Geography Quiz on Wednesday, Oct 9th.  Reviews will take place on Friday and Monday.  Students are encouraged to review on their own.  Should students need a copy of missing notes they are asked to see me.


Fair Game for Geography Quiz

-birth rate, death rate, natural increase, net migration, immigration, emigration

-population distribution, scattered and clustered

-population distribution what is it? How to calculate it/

Dense population – why does it occur

Sparse population – why does it occur

Linear settlements, scattered settlements and clustered settlements

Human Development Index


Sept 30th,

We are still on schedule for our first geography quiz on Wed. Oct 9th.  Next class we will take a careful look at the United Nations Human Development Index before we begin reviewing. (I was hoping to do that today, however, unfortunately, I was out of the classroom.)


Sept 25th.

We looked at scattered, linear and clustered settlements today.  Next class we will take on the Human Development Index.

***  I am currently prediciting that our first quiz will take place on Wednesday Oct 9th.  I will confirm that as we get closer.


Sept 23rd.

We did an exercise in class where we reviewed population density and how to calculate it.  We also looked at where Canada and the United States population is clustered and why.  On Wednesday, we will look at linear, clustered and scattered settlements. 


Sept 17th

We reviewed birth rates, death rates and migration.  We talked about population distribution and learned to calculate a country's population density.  In addition to this, we also talked about factors that help contribute to densely populated areas.  A review of this material in the coming days may be beneficial.


Sept 16th

Today we we looked at birth rates, death rates and human migration.  We will be looking at population distribution on Wednesday.  Students are strongly encouraged to review the notes from today prior to Wednesday's class.


Sept 11th

We reviewed the provinces today and filled in a basic map of the world with continents oceans, Prime Meridian and Equator. We also quickly looked at the International Date Line and why its shape is so different that its counterpart the Prime Meridian.

Here are the links to the maps we have used.

Map of Provinces

World Map



Sept 9th.


Students filled in a map of Canada.  We looked at provinces and capitals today. Students have been asked to review the provinces and their capitals.  On Wednesday, we will take a look at a basic map of the world before working with populations and population distributions.


Sept 4th

Great day today meeting all of 8A. We have our first literacy period on Friday.  Next Geography period on Monday.