Grade 8 English (1st)

Nov 12th

Students were asked to start a quick graphic organizer about the short story "The Stolen Party".  Students were asked to review the characters, the setting and the conflict.  Tomorrow we will look at symbolism and whether the story is told in the first person or the third person.


Nov 11th

No English class today. We were at our Rememberance Day Ceremony.

Nov 8th

Today's focus was on sentence structure looking at subject and predicate.  We looked at enhancing the predicate and the subject and what impact it has on our sentences structure.


Nov 6th

Students worked on a reading assessment today. They will have time tomorrow to finish it up tomorrow.


Nov 5th

We spent today answering different questions about "May I Have Your Autograph?" We focused on the idea of using proof and extending our thinking.

Tomorrow we will being our assessment piece.


Nov 4th.

Students read the short story, "May I Have Your Autograph?"  Students are asked to finish up one question for homework tonight.  

The author begins the story with, “I am sitting in an overstuffed chair in the lobby of the “The Dominion Imperial International Hotel”. So help me, that’s really the name.  I am surrounded by over grown ferns, ugly but expensive floral carpeting, chandeliers that make me think of The Phantom of the Opera and stuck up hotel employees in silly uniforms who give me dirty looks – and nobody my age.” 

Do you believe that this is an effective way to begin this story?

(Students should be sure to include support (possibly a quotation) and extend their thinking when answering this question.)

***On Wednesday we will begin our short stpries reading assessment piece.

Nov 1st.

We read Fish Cheeks, a short story and looked at some of the author's writing techniques and why they chose to use them.  On Wednesday and Thursday, we will be working on a reading assessment.


Oct 31st,

We worked on fixing up some reading questions we answered yesterday.  Students got a chance to go back and work on improving their answers.  We are working hard in class right now looking deep into the story when we answer a question.  Students are also working hard providing proof for their answers by using quotations or paraphrasing.

We will work on answering a few more questions before we take on an assessment piece in the coming days.


Oct 30th

No homework tonight we will pick up working with answering questions about short stories tomorrow morning.

Oct 29th

We Mass today in the middle of our English block. Tomorrow we will continue working with short stories.


Oct 28th,

We looked at "A Secret for Two" today and practiced digging for proof in a story.  We looked at truly going back into the text to find proof to support our answers.  Next class we will work with a new short story as we move towards an assessment piece.

Oct 23.

Students need to finish their summaries for The Stolen Party for Friday morning.  They will be collected so that students can get feedback on their work.


OCt 22th

We dug deep into The Stolen Party.  We planned out our summaries.  Tomorrow morning students will practice writing a summary.  Before taking on a communication question that they will answer with the APE model.  (Answer, Use proof from the text, extend your thinking)


Oct 18th

We worked on fixing run on sentences today.  We also read part of a short story called "The Stolen Party"  students need to finish reading the last couple of pages of the story for tomorrow morning.


Oct 17th

Students need to ensure that they have the summary of The Laziest King completed for tomorrow.  Students should also have a main idea for The Laziest King thought of as well.  We will finish this answer tomorrow in class together.


Oct 16th

Students read a story in class today.  Students planned out the key parts of a summary in class. Students were asked to write the first five sentences of their summary for Thursday.

Oct 14th

We are going to be reading someshort stories this week.  We will be working on summarizing and finding the main idea (moral of the story).

Oct 10th,

Students tonight are asked to highlight or circle a few key parts of the short story we read titled, "The Librarian of Basra". 


Oct 9th.

I will be collecting any paragraphs not already handed in tomorrow.  We will do some reading tomorrow and begin our work on summarizing and finding the main idea of stories.


Oct 8th.

We edited, we revised and we worked hard making our two paragraphs the best we possibly could.  Students will have sometime tomorrow to complete the finishing touches of their good copies before handing them in for marking.  We will then start reading some short stories.

Oct 7th.

Students are asked to edit and revise their two best draft copies for their paragraph assignment.  We will get started on our good copies tomorrow after looking over our work together one more time.


Oct 4th.

Students had the 60 minute period to work on finishing the four draft paragraphs for their assignment. 

Four draft copies for the assignment must be completed for Monday morning.

Oct 3rd.

Students continued to plan and write the draft copies of their paragraphs today.  Tomorrow students will recieve another work period to complete the paragraphs.

Four draft copies for the assignment must be completed for Monday morning.  If students need help at lunch, or extra time at lunch, it is available.

Assignment Link

Rubric Link


Oct 2nd

Today, students worked on preplanning their second paragraph and began writing it.  Tomorrow students will need to arrive to class with two draft paragraphs for their assignment.  Students will plan and write their third paragraph tomorrow morning.

Oct 1st.

We have begun our first paragraphing assignment today.  Students will be working on it in class for the coming days.  Students need to arrive to class tomorrow with one pre-planning and one draft paragraph completed.

Assignment Link

Rubric Link



Sept 30th

Students worked on writing strong concluding sentences today.  We also worked on adding appropriate amounts of detail using our own writing style.  Tomorrow we will look at our first writing assignment.


Sept 25th.

We finished writing our narrative paragraphs today. Students will recieve some feedback on the paragraphs for Monday. Early next week we will begin our paragraph writing assignment.


Sept 24th.

We started working on our last writing style.  Students need to plan out a narrative paragraph (setting, conflict, characters, beginning, middle, end).  Students are also asked to write the first three sentences of this paragraph which we will then finish in class tomorrow.

*Reminder grade 8's have a retreat on Thursday to St. Mary's Parish

* Spiritwear day tomorrow (uniform bottoms and a spiritwear shirt for $1) 


Sept 23rd.

We worked on expository writing today.  Students planned an expository paragraph today in class.  For tomorrow, students are to arrive to class with the first five sentences of their paragraph completed.



Sept 20th.

We looked at unity and coherence in our paragraphs today.  We did some exercises to help focus our writing to ensure we are truly on topic.  On Monday, we will be back to writing paragraphs.

Sept 19th.

We finished up writing our persuasive paragraphs today.  Students will receive some feedback on this writing style as well.  On Friday, we will look at improving topic sentences, concluding sentences and ensuring our paragraphs are unified.


Sept 18th.

Today's focus was looking at persuasive paragraphs and key things in persuasive writing.  Students began planning a persuasive paragraph and were asked to write the first five sentences of their paragraph for class tomorrow.


Sept 17th

Students wrote descriptive paragraphs today.  They were asked to write using strong topic and concluding sentences.  They were also tasked with making the paragraphs interesting with excellent word choice. We will review these tomorrow and take on persuasive writing paragraphs next.


Sept 16th

We are focusing on writing effective paragraphs. We discussed unity, topic sentences and conluding sentences when writing a descriptivev paragraph.  Students need to come to class tomorrow with a plan for writing a descriptive paragraph and a topic sentence.  We will be writing our paragraphs in class tomorrow.