Grade 8 Math (4th)

Nov 12th

The focus today was surface area of a rectangular prism today.  Students have been asked to complete 4 of the 5 question for homework tonight.  Homework Link


Nov 11th

Some students finished off a Pythagorean Quiz today.  We are starting to take on surface area and volume.  Students today were asked to draw three different triangles today for homework.  We will use these at the start of class tomorrow.

Nov 8th

Students worked on their assessment piece for the Pythagorean theorem.  We will work with area and volume at the start of next week.  Any students who have not completed their math quiz, will get a chance to do so on Monday.


Nov 6th

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz is scheduled for Friday.

Final day of review tomorrow. Students have a few questions to work on tonight for homework.

Nov 5th

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz is scheduled for Friday.

We reviewed a few concepts that we did earlier in the unit today.  Students have a little bit of homework reviewing whether a triangle is a right triangle or not.   Homework Link

Nov 4th

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz is scheduled for Friday.

We reviewed estimating square roots today in class.  Students worked on three questions today in class.  What was not finished is for homework.  Students are strongly encouraged to use a diagram when answering the questions.  Homework Link


Nov 1st.

Our class should be ready Pythagorean and square root quiz on Friday, Nov 8th.   If students need extra help before the quiz, I am available at lunch.


Oct 31st.

We have worked hard to establish the basics of the Pythagorean theory in the past classes.  We have started to take on some application questions that involve multiple steps.  There is no homework tonight. It is Halloween! 


Oct 30th

We went out to our construction tech class to see how they use the Pythagorean Theorem make and check right angles.  For homework, students were asked to write down how they saw Mr. Soares use the Pythagorean Theorem.


Oct 29th

We worked on finding a leg of right angle triangle today.  Students have one homework question tonight.  If a right triangle has a hypotnenuse that is15 cm and a leg of 9cm what is the length of the other leg?

Tomorrow we will hop outside for math class and take a look at how the Pythagorean Theorem can be applied in a real life situation.


Oct 28th

We solidified the basics of the Pythagorean Theorem today.  Students took on a few application questions as well.  There might be a little bit of homework for some students.  Pg. 66. # 7, 8abc, 10, 11, 12

Homework Link


Oct 23rd

We are working on the Pythagorean Theorem today.

For tonight there is a little bit of homework.

Students need to draw three different right angle triangles, label the triangles using Leg "A", Leg "B" and the hypotenuse "c".  If students put the dimensions on the triangles that would be great!


Oct 22nd

We looked a square roots, perfect squares and we estimated square roots without touching a calculator.  Today students might have a little bit of homework tonight.     pg 60 #4,6,7,8, 10abc, 11a Homework Link 1

Homework Link 2

October 2st

We finished off some application questions for fractions today. We also started working with square roots today.  However, we got caught in the middle of a lesson so there is no homework tonight.


Oct 17th.

We correct some questions in class today and we worked using fractions in recipes.  We will do a little application assessment on Friday before we take on our measurement unit. Homework Link

Oct 16th,

We did some application questions together today.  We will do a little application assessment on Friday before we take on our measurement unit. Homework Link


Oct 15th,

Unfortunately I was out of the classroom today. Here is the application work that needs to be completed for tomorow.

1.    Adam needs to drive a distance of 372 miles to New York. He stops over to grab a quick bite after he covers one-third the total distance. How many more miles does Adam need to ride to reach his destination? 

2. Jane eats two-thirds of a cup of cereal every day for breakfast. If the box contains a total of 24 cups, how many days will Jane take to finish the cereal box? 

3. Barry is building toy solider Christmas decorations.  He starts out with a piece of wood that is 48 inches long.  Each toy solider requires a piece of wood that is three and three eighths of an inch long.  How many toy soldiers will Barry be able to build with on piece of wood? 

4. About ¾  of the students on the track team are girls. About ¾  of these girls are in grade 8. What fraction of the students on the track team are grade 8 girls? 


Oct 14th.

We will be focusing on application questions this week.  If all goes well, we should finish up our fraction work by the end of the week.


Oct 10th.

There is no homework tonight after our assessment today.  If students were away, they will complete the assessment on Friday before the long weekend.


Oct 9th.

Tomorrow is our quiz on fractions.  Any student who is away will write our quiz on Friday.  Following that we will begin applying our fraction skills to problem solving situations. 

Students should look to complete 4 of these 8 questions that best suit their review needs.  Homework


Oct 8th

We did some thinking questions today working with multiplying and dividing fractions.  Students also have bedmas type questions with fractions.  We will review a host of idea from our fraction unit so far as we prepare for our assessment on Thursday.

Students are asked to complete at least four questions from this set of questions.  They are strongly encouraged to take on at least one of the long bedmas questions.  Homework Link


Oct 7th

Students recieved feedback on six questions they completed on Friday to help get ready for our assessment on Thursday.  Here is the homework for tonight.

(Students need to complete two questions from the first three rows and one question from the fourth row.)

homework link


October 4th

Students completed six questions on fractions today.  I will review them and return them with some feedback to as soon as possibe to best prepare them for our assessment on Thursday.

Oct 3rd

Students looked at area models to better understand what happens when we multiply using a fraction.  On Friday, we will look at dividing fractions.  This will lead into using our order of operations skills with fractions.

Homework (complete two questions from each row) Homework

*** Fractions assessment on knowledge and understanding, thinking and communication will take place on Thursday.   

Oct 2nd

We added three fractions together again today. We were finding common denominators between three fractions as well.  We also introduced multiplying fractions.  Tomorrow we will look at and why we are able to multiply numerators together and denominators together to get the correct answer.  Homework Link

*** We remain on track for our first fractions assessment on Thursday, Oct 10th.


Oct 1st.

We worked on adding fractions / subtracting fractions and the importance of the common denominator today.  Students are asked to complete 7 of the 12 questions on this sheet before arriving to class on Wednesday.  Homework Link

***It is looking like our first fractions assessment will take place on Thursday, Oct 10th.

If students need extra help, it is always available at lunch.


Sept 30th,

Students reviewed converting fractions to different forms.  We also looked at adding fractions with like and unlike demoninators.  The plan is to solidify this tomorrow during class ,as well as take on multiplying of fractions. (No official homework tonight. However, students need support for adding/subtracting fractions, they are encouraged to stop by at lunch.)


Sept 25th

Due to the retreat and PD day this week we couldn’t cover too much.  However, students should be good with equivalent fractions and switching from mixed to improper fractions.  Students should also know how to compare fractions as well using the common denominators. 

On Monday, we will revisit ordering fractions from least to greatest and take on adding and subtracting fractions. 


Sept 24th

Our focus this week has been equivalent fractions.  We have been reducing fractions, turning improper fractions into mixed numbers and mixed numbers into equivalent fractions.  Students might have some work to finish from class today.  Homework Link


*Reminder grade 8's have a retreat on Thursday to St. Mary's Parish

* Spiritwear day tomorrow (uniform bottoms and a spiritwear shirt for $1) 



Sept 23rd.

Students today received some feedback on their order of operations questions from Friday.  We reduced fractions today and students might have some homework tonight.  Homework Link

Sept 20th

Students completed a few order of operations questions which will be returned to them with some feedback on Monday.  We also brushed up on our fraction terms today at the end of class in preparation for Monday’s lesson.  No homework this weekend.

Sept 19th

Students received feedback on a couple of order of operations questions today.  Tomorrow students will complete four questions in class which will include fraction bars and multiple sets of brackets.  For homework tonight, students need to complete 7 of 10 order of operations questions.  Homework Link


Sept 18th

We reviewed using a fraction bar today with the order of operations.  The focus of our lesson was working with brackets inside brackets.  Example [(3+2)x5][4x2].  Students need to complete at least five of the following questions with proper communication for class tomorrow.   Homework link.



Sept 17th

With our order of operation work today we practiced multiplying using brackets only no "x".  We also practiced taking on order of operations questions that had a fraction bar in the middle of them.

Students need to come to class with 5 of the 8 of these questions completed. Click here for the homework

(Quick reminder if students need some extra time to do homework or some extra help, my door is open at lunch.)


Sept 16th

We reviewed our exponents and some brackets today.  Tomorrow we will look at multiple sets of brackets in an expression and how to best attack them. 

Homework that is due for tomorrow


Sept 12th

We took on some order of operations questions today.  Tomorrow we will keep pushing and turn up the difficulty a little bit.

A little homework for tonight for practice.  Homework for tonight


Sept 11th

We looked at multiplying using the "window method"  and we will continue to use this method.  Students could have some homework on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Tomorrow we will take on some double digit multiplication with the window method.

Homework for tonight


Sept 10th.

We multiplied today.  We used  our multiplication facts to help us solve larger multiplcation problems.  Tomorrow we will look at multiplication again before taking on some division problems.

Students are to arrive to class tomorrow with the following sheet completed.

Homework due for Wednesday


Sept 9th.

Students worked on the multiplication tables today.  We finished off class looking at patterns or interesting things in the multiplcation chart.  Students have been asked to put a few minutes tonight into working on their multiplcation tables as we get ready for taking on some bedmas questions in the near future.

Tomorrow we will complete some multiplying and some dividing.


Sept 6th.

We scraped the rust off with some adding and subtracting.  Monday we will get after some multiplying.  We will also take a look at the multiplication tables and some patterns in multiplication tables.


Sept 5th.

Today we co-constructed criteria about what a good math student does.

Feel free to ask your child about what we discussed today.


Sept 4th.

Great to meet everyone in 7/8B today. We will get working tomorrow afternoon.