Grade 8 Math (4th)

April 3rd

It is Friday! I won't be posting on here during the weekend.  Even during school closures we all deserve a weekend.  

The questions from yesterday were a little different, there are many ways to attack them.  I gave you some ideas in my corrections/consolidations.  

Cell Phone Sales Giving Out Bonuses Consolidation

Terry Fox Fundraiser Consolidation


New Questions For Today

Baking for a class  - a not overly complcated question, but a prettyrealistic question

Swimming Lengths  - a little more complicated, but not super hard.  (Hint: Draw a diagram)


April 2nd,

Thanks for stopping by to do some math and keep your skills sharp.  If you did the Kyle Lowry basketball questions yesterday, that is great.   If you did the times table chart, that is great too.

Corrections from yesterday:

Basketball/Kyle Lowry Corrections

Times Table Corrections -phone/tablet link

Times Tables Correction -PC link

I have switched it up a little bit today and stole some questions from one of my one of my favourite math teachers.  These questions are a little bit different from what I have left the last couple of days.  Take on one, or both. 

Give out Bonuses
Terry Fox Fundraiser


April 1st.

Hey everybody. I hope you enjoyed some sunshine yesterday after a couple of dreary  

If you stopped in to do some math yesterday, thanks.  If you didn’t get a chance, no problem. Please feel free to take a look at yesterday’s work if you like.  (I left Mini Golf Marble Slide is still open from Monday if you want to try it.)

Corrections From Yesterday

The Next Prime Numbers - 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101, 103, 107, 109, 113, 127

Prime Factorization – Correction Link

New Questions for Today

Here is a times table chart, but it is a little different.  You can print it out if you have access to printer or make your own electronic version or grab some paper and complete it anyway you like.

Times Table Chart - pc link

Times Table Chart  - phone or tablet link


Found this question and it is a good refresh of a previous unit we did this winter.  Feel free to try it out.





March 31st

Thanks for those who took on some math yesterday. I saw some very clever solutions to the Mini Golf Marble Slide work!  If you want a chance to take on the “Mini Golf Marble Slide” and haven’t got a chance scroll to yesterdays work.  I have left it open for anyone to do. 


Driving Time Answers

Puzzle Pieces Time Answers


For today we are going to revisit some multiplication, factors and prime numbers today.

Quick Reminder:

Prime Number -  A prime number is a whole number greater than 1 whose only factors are 1 and itself.


Primer Numbers - 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97

I have listen above the prime numbers from 2 to 100.

Can you list the next three prime numbers without looking it up on the internet?

(Here is a multiplication table to help.    Multiplcation Table Link)


Find the prime factors of these numbers using a factor  tree.  I have left a couple examples and some questions.




March 30th

Thanks for checking in and keeping your math skills fresh.

I have left some answers from Friday’s work.  There are two classic problem solving questions today that you can tryout.  The third part is fun, but also has lots of math thinking in it.  


Semi -circle Seating Question

Part 1

Part 2


Boat Question Answers

Coin Question Answers

New Questions and Challenges for Today

Question 1

Driving Time Question


Question 2

Time Question


Part 3

A Fun Little Challenge

If you have access to tablet or computer try this out.  (Sorry I don’t think this will work off a phone.)  With “Mini Golf Marble Slide” your job is to use your graphing skills to help get all or one of the golf balls into the cup.  You will need to use your graphing of points to help put lines in the right spots so that the ball lands in the cup.  It will start out easy and get a little bit tougher.  (I am going to leave the link open all day and night so if you can’t get to a laptop/tablet right away you can still play/learn.)

Step 1:  Click on this link

Step 2: Click “Join”

Step 3: Click “Continue without signing in”

Step 4: Enter your name.  (Please enter your real name. Thanks.) 

Step 5:  You are in! Get to work arranging the lines to help get the ball(s) in the cup.



March 26th

Thanks for coming back to work on some math today!

I hope you have had some time to look at the review of some key concepts that I have posted a couple of days ago and some basic circle formulas from a few days ago.

Here is the plan moving forward, I am going to try and post some questions that will make you think and challenge you.  Some will be easier and some will be tougher.  I will do my best to give you a mixture of questions on different mathematical topics. 

Feel free to do one, a few or do them all. 

I will also do my best to post solutions too. 

 I won’t post any questions on the weekend. 

*I should also mention that I hope to have one of my favourite (and fun) challenges up and running on Monday.


Late Thurday Night / Friday’s challenges.

Race Around the World - I know some people had started this in class, but not sure if they had a chance to finish it.  So I thought I would post it again.

Race Around the World


A question about lost ships from many years ago.


A question about Canadian money and Australian money.


A circle question that would be a good one if you did the circle work from earlier in the week.

Semi circle circumference question



March 24th corrections and review

Corrections 1

Corrections 2

Corrections 3

Review 1

Review 2

Review 3

Review 4

Review 5

Review 6

Review 7

Review 8

Review 9

(Maybe you could make a little graph of a company’s stock price to show the gain and loses.  Or feel free to select a company(ies) that interest you.)

Same images as above, but in Word format








March 23 (If you are cehcking out this website for the first time in the last few days, please read the March 22nd post. Thanks.)

Corrections from March 22nd

Corrections #1

Corrections #2

Corrections #3

Corrections #4


Circle Lesson and work for March 23rd

Page #1

Page #2

Page #3

Complete #7, 8, 10, 12, 13


Refresher on Integers


All the same files above, but in a Word document

From the textbook page, complete #7,8,10,12,13



March 22nd

First off, I hope you and your family are safe and well. 

As we all know, we won’t be back at school for a while.  As mentioned in class on the Friday before March Break, I will be updating our website each weekday.  Each update will have two parts.  The first part will be working through a new unit (circles).  The second part will be some sort of review to keep the skills that we learned earlier fresh.

I recognize that during this unprecedented situation, family roles, responsibilities and stresses could be much different for students than they were a week or so ago.  My intention is not to add any unnecessary stress, but to continue to provide learning opportunities for students until they return to regularly scheduled school.

Circles Lesson 1

Circles Lesson 2

Circles Lesson 3

Circle work

Pythagorean Refresher Examples

Pythagorean Review Work


Same Stuff in Word Form

Circles and Pythagorean Refresher



March 11th

We looked at negative and positive numbers in terms of the stock market today.

Students recieved some feedback on how well they were doing with this unit.  Students are asked to go back and correct any errors.  Tomorrow students will complete a few questions that were difficult for us. 


March 10th

Students completed some adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and order of operations questions in class today.  These willh will be corrected and returned to them very shortly.

In addition to this, we looked at measures of central tendency (mean and median).

Students do have some homework tonight which can be found in the link below.

Homework Link/Notes

Homework Link


March 9th

We spent today reviewing adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  We will continue tomorrow to use these rules tomorrow in conjunction with our order of operations rules. 

Students need to complete a minimum of 5 math question from this sheet for tomorrow.  


March 4th

We reviewed our multiplication rules today, we looked exponents with negative numbers and we kept using our order of operations skills with negative and positive numbers. 

Students have a little bit of homework for tonight to help solidify their skills.

Homework Link


March 3rd

*Students who are still finding adding and subtracting negatives and positives challenging are strongly encouraged to come in at lunch to get some extra help.

Students worked on understanding the rules for multiplying negatives and positives.

The following sheet is for homework.  (Students were allowed to skip 3 questions that were too easy or too difficult.)

Homework Link


March 2nd

We continued working on solidifying adding and subtracting for a good portion of the class today.  From there we looked at why a negative multiplied by a positive is a negative.  We have yet to attack why a negative multiplied by a negative is a positive, but we will tomorrow.

The following homework sheet is to help students solidify what we have covered up to this point.  (Some of the multiplication might be too advanced for us, in that case student can pick the right level of question for themselves.)


Homework Link

Adding - complete all

Subtracting - select 7 to complete

Multiplication - select 12 to complete


Feb 26th

Dress down day Friday - $2

We refreshed our memories on the idea of negative and positive numbers, zero principle, number lines, integer chips and looked at adding negative and positive numbers.

Students should complete this homework for next math class.


Homework Link #2


Feb 24th

Reminder- Grade 9 course selection forms are due March 6th.

Math: We finished up our last couple of question, on our probability assessment.  Any students who need to finish their test can do so at lunch on Wednesday. 

Starting on Wednesday we will be taking on adding and subtracting negative and positive numbers.


Feb 20th

We finished most of our proportion and probability assessment on Thursday.  Students have two questions to finish up on Monday before we take on some negative and positive number work.


Feb 19th

We spent a significant time on reviewing questions today.  Students had at least 25 minutes to work on these questions in the lin below.

Students should complete this review before taking their test on Thursday.

Review Questions


Feb 18th

We reviewed some probability work today getting ready for our assessment on Thursday.  Tomorrow we will work on proportional reasoning (fractions, decimals, percentages). 

As always should students need some extra help, they are welcome to stop by anytime at lunch.

Homework Link for tonight   (only one question)



Feb 14th

We are gearing up for a probability and proportional reasoning (fractions, decimals, percentages) assessment on Thursday.  

Please find below some homework for students that was assigned on Friday.  Please also find some examples of how to solve some questions we have been answering.

As always should students need some extra help, they are welcome to stop by anytime at lunch.

Examples for Students

Homework Link



Feb 12th

We spent time working on predicted experimental and theoretical probability using two dice. We saw the differences between the two.  We discussed how the bigger the sample size the more likely our experiemental probability will approach our predicted/theoretical probabilities.

Students have two follow up questions concerning our class work with rolling dice today.

Homework Link




Feb 11th

We continued to work with fractions decimals and percentages to make predictions.

There are three questions that will need to be completed for homework.

Sorry!  (I made a little mistake on Question #3 on the homework today.  I said that 150 people were surveyed at the movie theater, please adjust this to 130.  The change is made on the homework link. I appologize.)

Homework Link



Feb 10th

We worked using equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals to figure out the likelihood of something happening. 

In class we practiced finding a percentage of a number and making equivalent fractions.

We also used these skills in some application questions

Homework knowledge and understanding practice

Homework application practice


Feb 5th

We worked using two probability events today and organizing outcomes.  Students today will most likely have to finish up a question or two for homework. 

Pg 123 #5,6,7,9,13

Homework Link 1

Homework Link 2


Feb 3rd

Patterning test was returned today.  If you could please sign this test and return it to class, it would be greatly appreciated.  Students are welcome to keep the test.

We reviewed the probability formula today and went over both one and two event probability (spinner, coin flip). Mostly this was a review of grade 7 concepts.  We will continue with some more complicated ideas on Wednesday.


Jan 29th

We looked at prop bets for the Super Bowl this weekend.  We are looking to see if after analyzing data from past events we are able to make better predictions than just picking at random.  

Items we analyzed:

Length of National Anthem  Over/Under 2 mins

Total Points (combined for both teams)  Over/Under 54.5

Number of outfits J-Lo will wear during halftime   Over/Under 2.5

Colour of liquid poured on winning coach

Opening game coin flip


Jan 28th

We had a short math class today due to a visit with Mrs. Verge and Ms. Mac from our high school guidance department.

We did however review the probabilty formula and discuss and outcomes.


Jan 27th

We worked today to ensure all students are comfortable moving between fractions, decimals and percentages.  Many students will have at least some homework tonight.

Homework page 1

Homework Page 2

(students can select three different questions to skip from page 2)


Jan 23rd

We worked on prime factorization today.  We worked on breaking numbers into their factors.  Students might have some homework tonight.

Homework Link  


Jan 22nd

We finished up our patterning assessment today. There is no official homework tonight, however, a little review of some multiplication tables would helpful.


Jan 20th

We took on a few questions from our patterning test today.  We will take on the remaining questions on Wednesday. 

Students are encouraged to review the following questions to make sure they are prepared for Wednesday.  Wednesday we will focus more on problem solving, word problems and thinking questions.

Below are some review questions students might want to have completed for Wednesday.

Review 1

Question previously completed in class, but good review

Review Question

Review Question

Review Question

Review Question


Jan 17th

We will complete part of our patterning test on Monday and part of our patterning test on Wednesday. 

If students need extra help, they are encouraged to stop by at lunch.  



Jan 15th

We will complete part of our patterning test on Monday and part of our patterning test on Wednesday. 

If students need extra help, they are encouraged to stop by at lunch.

Homework for tonight

Extra homework if students are looking for something to work on

Jan 14th

We are getting closer to finishing up the material for our patterning unit.  Right now it looks like we will complete a portion of this assessment on Monday and a portion on Wednesday next week.

Students are responsible for a couple of questions tonight.  If students need help, they are welcome to stop by at lunch anytime.

Students need to have this sheet completed for Wednesday's class


Jan 13th

We used our patterning skills to take on some application questions today with both some growing and some shrinking patterns.

There is a little bit of homework tonight where students need to create a variable expression and complete some application questions.

Homework Link


Jan 9th

Students have been working on some problem solving in class today. We also spent part of class getting back into the swing of consistently increaseing patterns and the different ways we have shown them to this point.  Tomorrow we will dive deeper into some different types of patterns.  Homework Link



Jan 8th

We reviewed some more fractions work today.  We also took on some longer problem solving questions as well that we will finish up tomorrow before diving into patterning again on Friday.  There was no official homework tonight.


Jan 7th.

We continued to refresh our fractions skills today.  Students have a little bit of work multiplying and dividing fractions as well as an application question for homework.

Homework Link 1

Homework Link 2


Jan 6th.

Before we dive back into patterning, we are spending a few days reviewing some key concepts we have learned this year.  We looked at converting fractions from mixed to improper form, reducing fractions and adding and subtracting.

Homework Link   (Complete at least 6 converting improper to mix, reduce a minimum of 4 fractions, complete both equivalent fractions, complete a minimum of 3 questions from the back.)  Please choose questions that are best for you.


Dec 18th

We worked with today to solidify our knowledge of growing patterns.  Tomorrow we will look at some new patterns and apply our knowledge to finding some different variable expressions.  

The following sheet will be collected tomorrow.   

Homework Link


Dec 17th

We practiced substituting values in for variables today.  We will review this again tomorrow before we continue to look at similarities and differences with patterns.  (I was out of class this afternoon, however, the following was to be completed in class or for homework.)  

Homework Link


Dec 16th

Today we looked at variable expressions, the y axis and visual patterns and tied a link between these all.  Students do have some homework tonight.  

Homework Link

Dec 12th

We looked at the link between patterns and graphing today again.  We also looked at how the ordered pairs, graphed points and variable expression connect.  Homework Link


Dec 11th

We started to link the idea of the ordered pairs, a variable expression a graph together today.  This will be our focus tomorrow.  There was no homework tonight.

Dec 10th

Our focus this week to move from the basics of patterning to creating variable expressions.  Tonight students have been asked to use to work finding variable expressions from tables of values and then create their own variable expression and fill in a table of values.


Homework Link



Dec 6th 

We continued to establish a link between a pattern rule, a table of values and plotting points on a grid.  On Monday we will introduce visual patterns to the mix.


Dec 5th

We reviewed how patterns can be showed in table of values, ordered pairs and a written rule.  Today we looked that four quadrants on a Cartesian grid.  Students practiced graphing points in all four quadrants.  The homework can be found  here if it was not completed in class.



Dec 4th

A gentle review of inputs and outputs was completed in class to get prepared for our patterning unit.  We looked at pattern rules informally and students have been asked to create eight different pattern rules and create a table of values for them.  Tomorrow we will take on the Cartesian plane and graph points in all four quadrants.


Dec 3rd

We finished up our last work period for our house building assignment.  Students who need extra time to complete this work are now required to attend study hall.

Tomorrow we will dive into some algebra and some patterning.


Dec 2nd

Students will have one last day to work on house building assignment tomorrow.  After that, students will be asked to complete their work in study.  On Wednesday, we should be pushing into some patterning and algebra.

Nov 28th

Lots of work done today on our house building unit.  We will probably need another two days of work to finish off the questions.  This being said, I am hoping that on Wednesday we can get working on some patterning and algebra.

Nov 27th

Students have begun working on the second part of our house building plans.  We will finish up our first question and take on our second question tomorrow in class.


Nov 26th

Students are almost done completing their house design.  We will put the finishing touches on the designs tomorrow.  Students will have 30 minutes in class to have their designs on the graph paper.  We will then start completing our application questions.


Nov 25th

Students should look to finish planning out their house designs in rough at the start of class tomorrow.  We will then look to put these houses on graph paper to help us see the scale and the shape of them.  Hopefully by Thursday we will begin part two of our assignment.


Nov 22nd.

On Monday we will begin our assessment piece for surface area and volume.  Students should come with a ruler, a calculator and a pencil.


Nov 21st.

Students worked with cm cubed today, volume and unit conversions.  There are couple of questions that students might need to finish for homework tonight.  Homework Link


Nov 20th

We looked some more complicated volume questions today.  Tomorrow we will look using pythagorean theorem, surface area and volume all together. 


There are two questions for homework tonight

Homework Link


Nov 19th

***Pythagorean Theorem Quiz was returned today.  If you could sign and return this it would be greatly appreciated.

Today we worked with volume of a triangular prism again today.  Student will most likely have some homework tonight. 

pg 262 # 12ab, 15ab, 16, 17ab

Homework Link 1

Homework Link 2

Homework Link 3

Nov 18th

We took on volume of a trianglar prism.  Homework tonight is pg 263, #,2,3,5,6,7,8

Homework Link 1

Homework Link 2


Nov 13th

We took on the surface area of the triangular prism today.  Homework is in the textbook today. pg 256 #3,4,8,9. 

Homework Link 1

Homework Link 2

Some students have found working with a template helpful for surface area.  Please find the link below should your child need it.  Graphic Organizer


Nov 12th

The focus today was surface area of a rectangular prism today.  Students have been asked to complete 4 of the 5 question for homework tonight.  Homework Link


Nov 11th

Some students finished off a Pythagorean Quiz today.  We are starting to take on surface area and volume.  Students today were asked to draw three different triangles today for homework.  We will use these at the start of class tomorrow.

Nov 8th

Students worked on their assessment piece for the Pythagorean theorem.  We will work with area and volume at the start of next week.  Any students who have not completed their math quiz, will get a chance to do so on Monday.


Nov 6th

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz is scheduled for Friday.

Final day of review tomorrow. Students have a few questions to work on tonight for homework.

Nov 5th

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz is scheduled for Friday.

We reviewed a few concepts that we did earlier in the unit today.  Students have a little bit of homework reviewing whether a triangle is a right triangle or not.   Homework Link

Nov 4th

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz is scheduled for Friday.

We reviewed estimating square roots today in class.  Students worked on three questions today in class.  What was not finished is for homework.  Students are strongly encouraged to use a diagram when answering the questions.  Homework Link


Nov 1st.

Our class should be ready Pythagorean and square root quiz on Friday, Nov 8th.   If students need extra help before the quiz, I am available at lunch.


Oct 31st.

We have worked hard to establish the basics of the Pythagorean theory in the past classes.  We have started to take on some application questions that involve multiple steps.  There is no homework tonight. It is Halloween! 


Oct 30th

We went out to our construction tech class to see how they use the Pythagorean Theorem make and check right angles.  For homework, students were asked to write down how they saw Mr. Soares use the Pythagorean Theorem.


Oct 29th

We worked on finding a leg of right angle triangle today.  Students have one homework question tonight.  If a right triangle has a hypotnenuse that is15 cm and a leg of 9cm what is the length of the other leg?

Tomorrow we will hop outside for math class and take a look at how the Pythagorean Theorem can be applied in a real life situation.


Oct 28th

We solidified the basics of the Pythagorean Theorem today.  Students took on a few application questions as well.  There might be a little bit of homework for some students.  Pg. 66. # 7, 8abc, 10, 11, 12

Homework Link


Oct 23rd

We are working on the Pythagorean Theorem today.

For tonight there is a little bit of homework.

Students need to draw three different right angle triangles, label the triangles using Leg "A", Leg "B" and the hypotenuse "c".  If students put the dimensions on the triangles that would be great!


Oct 22nd

We looked a square roots, perfect squares and we estimated square roots without touching a calculator.  Today students might have a little bit of homework tonight.     pg 60 #4,6,7,8, 10abc, 11a Homework Link 1

Homework Link 2

October 2st

We finished off some application questions for fractions today. We also started working with square roots today.  However, we got caught in the middle of a lesson so there is no homework tonight.


Oct 17th.

We correct some questions in class today and we worked using fractions in recipes.  We will do a little application assessment on Friday before we take on our measurement unit. Homework Link

Oct 16th,

We did some application questions together today.  We will do a little application assessment on Friday before we take on our measurement unit. Homework Link


Oct 15th,

Unfortunately I was out of the classroom today. Here is the application work that needs to be completed for tomorow.

1.    Adam needs to drive a distance of 372 miles to New York. He stops over to grab a quick bite after he covers one-third the total distance. How many more miles does Adam need to ride to reach his destination? 

2. Jane eats two-thirds of a cup of cereal every day for breakfast. If the box contains a total of 24 cups, how many days will Jane take to finish the cereal box? 

3. Barry is building toy solider Christmas decorations.  He starts out with a piece of wood that is 48 inches long.  Each toy solider requires a piece of wood that is three and three eighths of an inch long.  How many toy soldiers will Barry be able to build with on piece of wood? 

4. About ¾  of the students on the track team are girls. About ¾  of these girls are in grade 8. What fraction of the students on the track team are grade 8 girls? 


Oct 14th.

We will be focusing on application questions this week.  If all goes well, we should finish up our fraction work by the end of the week.


Oct 10th.

There is no homework tonight after our assessment today.  If students were away, they will complete the assessment on Friday before the long weekend.


Oct 9th.

Tomorrow is our quiz on fractions.  Any student who is away will write our quiz on Friday.  Following that we will begin applying our fraction skills to problem solving situations. 

Students should look to complete 4 of these 8 questions that best suit their review needs.  Homework


Oct 8th

We did some thinking questions today working with multiplying and dividing fractions.  Students also have bedmas type questions with fractions.  We will review a host of idea from our fraction unit so far as we prepare for our assessment on Thursday.

Students are asked to complete at least four questions from this set of questions.  They are strongly encouraged to take on at least one of the long bedmas questions.  Homework Link


Oct 7th

Students recieved feedback on six questions they completed on Friday to help get ready for our assessment on Thursday.  Here is the homework for tonight.

(Students need to complete two questions from the first three rows and one question from the fourth row.)

homework link


October 4th

Students completed six questions on fractions today.  I will review them and return them with some feedback to as soon as possibe to best prepare them for our assessment on Thursday.

Oct 3rd

Students looked at area models to better understand what happens when we multiply using a fraction.  On Friday, we will look at dividing fractions.  This will lead into using our order of operations skills with fractions.

Homework (complete two questions from each row) Homework

*** Fractions assessment on knowledge and understanding, thinking and communication will take place on Thursday.   

Oct 2nd

We added three fractions together again today. We were finding common denominators between three fractions as well.  We also introduced multiplying fractions.  Tomorrow we will look at and why we are able to multiply numerators together and denominators together to get the correct answer.  Homework Link

*** We remain on track for our first fractions assessment on Thursday, Oct 10th.


Oct 1st.

We worked on adding fractions / subtracting fractions and the importance of the common denominator today.  Students are asked to complete 7 of the 12 questions on this sheet before arriving to class on Wednesday.  Homework Link

***It is looking like our first fractions assessment will take place on Thursday, Oct 10th.

If students need extra help, it is always available at lunch.


Sept 30th,

Students reviewed converting fractions to different forms.  We also looked at adding fractions with like and unlike demoninators.  The plan is to solidify this tomorrow during class ,as well as take on multiplying of fractions. (No official homework tonight. However, students need support for adding/subtracting fractions, they are encouraged to stop by at lunch.)


Sept 25th

Due to the retreat and PD day this week we couldn’t cover too much.  However, students should be good with equivalent fractions and switching from mixed to improper fractions.  Students should also know how to compare fractions as well using the common denominators. 

On Monday, we will revisit ordering fractions from least to greatest and take on adding and subtracting fractions. 


Sept 24th

Our focus this week has been equivalent fractions.  We have been reducing fractions, turning improper fractions into mixed numbers and mixed numbers into equivalent fractions.  Students might have some work to finish from class today.  Homework Link


*Reminder grade 8's have a retreat on Thursday to St. Mary's Parish

* Spiritwear day tomorrow (uniform bottoms and a spiritwear shirt for $1) 



Sept 23rd.

Students today received some feedback on their order of operations questions from Friday.  We reduced fractions today and students might have some homework tonight.  Homework Link

Sept 20th

Students completed a few order of operations questions which will be returned to them with some feedback on Monday.  We also brushed up on our fraction terms today at the end of class in preparation for Monday’s lesson.  No homework this weekend.

Sept 19th

Students received feedback on a couple of order of operations questions today.  Tomorrow students will complete four questions in class which will include fraction bars and multiple sets of brackets.  For homework tonight, students need to complete 7 of 10 order of operations questions.  Homework Link


Sept 18th

We reviewed using a fraction bar today with the order of operations.  The focus of our lesson was working with brackets inside brackets.  Example [(3+2)x5][4x2].  Students need to complete at least five of the following questions with proper communication for class tomorrow.   Homework link.



Sept 17th

With our order of operation work today we practiced multiplying using brackets only no "x".  We also practiced taking on order of operations questions that had a fraction bar in the middle of them.

Students need to come to class with 5 of the 8 of these questions completed. Click here for the homework

(Quick reminder if students need some extra time to do homework or some extra help, my door is open at lunch.)


Sept 16th

We reviewed our exponents and some brackets today.  Tomorrow we will look at multiple sets of brackets in an expression and how to best attack them. 

Homework that is due for tomorrow


Sept 12th

We took on some order of operations questions today.  Tomorrow we will keep pushing and turn up the difficulty a little bit.

A little homework for tonight for practice.  Homework for tonight


Sept 11th

We looked at multiplying using the "window method"  and we will continue to use this method.  Students could have some homework on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Tomorrow we will take on some double digit multiplication with the window method.

Homework for tonight


Sept 10th.

We multiplied today.  We used  our multiplication facts to help us solve larger multiplcation problems.  Tomorrow we will look at multiplication again before taking on some division problems.

Students are to arrive to class tomorrow with the following sheet completed.

Homework due for Wednesday


Sept 9th.

Students worked on the multiplication tables today.  We finished off class looking at patterns or interesting things in the multiplcation chart.  Students have been asked to put a few minutes tonight into working on their multiplcation tables as we get ready for taking on some bedmas questions in the near future.

Tomorrow we will complete some multiplying and some dividing.


Sept 6th.

We scraped the rust off with some adding and subtracting.  Monday we will get after some multiplying.  We will also take a look at the multiplication tables and some patterns in multiplication tables.


Sept 5th.

Today we co-constructed criteria about what a good math student does.

Feel free to ask your child about what we discussed today.


Sept 4th.

Great to meet everyone in 7/8B today. We will get working tomorrow afternoon.